Master of Public Health: Health Policy and Management

Degree Date: May 13, 2017
GPA: 3.75

Health Policy and Management trains students to address public health risks and develop effective health services delivery models. It is an interdisciplinary program that incorporates health services research, health policy analysis and health care planning and management. Given the active research of the college’s faculty in identifying service gaps and in developing evidence-based practices and policy analysis, students emerge with strong skills in health services management, alternative models of service financing and strategies for improving services. Career opportunities for graduates include administrative and management positions in hospitals, clinics, state and local health departments, nursing homes and mental health facilities; policy analyst positions in health planning organizations and governmental agencies; and planning and management positions in health maintenance organizations and health insurance companies.This concentration is offered fully online in addition to onsite on the Kent Campus. A blended/hybrid option is also available focusing on leadership and organizational change.

Coursework Completed:
Major Requirements

  • BST 52019: Biostatistics in Public Health
  • EHS 52018: Environmental Health Concepts in Public Health
  • EPI 52017: Fundamentals of Public Health Epidemiology
  • HPM 52015: Emerging Issues in Public Health
  • HPM 52016: Public Health Administration
  • HPM 53010: Community Health Needs Assessment (Elective)
  • SBS 50020: Social and Behavioral Science Theories
  • HPM 61095: Patient Portability and Affordability Care Act (Elective)

Concentration Requirements

  • HPM 53003: Health Care Systems
  • HPM 53004: Public Health Policy, Law and Ethics
  • HPM 53005: Financial Management for Public Health Organizations
  • HPM 53006: Cost Benefit Analysis of Public Health Programs
  • HPM 53007: Public Health Programs: Planning, Implementing and Evaluation
  • HPM 61092: Practicum Experience in Health Policy and Management