Public Health Summer Academy

Description and Program Involvement

With generous funding from the Greater Akron Community Foundation, the College of Public Health at Kent State University delivered a virtual public health summer academy (vPHSA) to Akron Public Schools (APS) rising 10th, 11th, and 12th grade students. The aims of the vPHSA were to present foundational information about the practice and profession of public health, introduce APS students to a variety of careers in public health, provide attendees with opportunities to engage in case-based and other experiential learning opportunities guided by public health professionals who represent some of the range of public health careers

This program consisted of 12 synchronous virtual sessions, each 2.5 hours in duration, delivered over a 3-week time period in summer 2020. Program emphasis was on case-based, experiential learning opportunities, and real-life case content was delivered by a range of guest presenters who work in public health professional practice or academic settings. The culminating session provided students with an opportunity to present a proposal for a public health micro grant to be applied to programming at APS. Supportive materials include program promotional materials and a sample of student responses to a public health practitioner letter writing activity.

Project Contributions:
*Designed vPHSA Logo and Recruitment Flier
*Managed course roster during program recruitment
*Developed and delivered course content to students via virtual platform
*Completing program evaluation with assistance from Sheryl L. Chatfield
*Managed student lead group of micro-grant implications at Akron Public Schools


Program Evaluation